• Pete Mastro
    Dealer Principal
    Pete Mastro

    Pete Mastro oversees the service and parts departments in both of our locations, and you will usually find him behind the service counter writing up customers and getting personally involved in all the day to day activities in both Tampa and Sanford.

  • Stephen Mastro
    Dealer Principal

    Stephen Mastro runs sales side of Mastro Subaru both in Tampa and Sanford. As a hands on operator, you will often find him appraising cars and working on making our customers a great deal on a new Subaru. 
  • Stephanie Mastro
    Dealer Principal

    Stephanie Mastro is the quiet, behind the scenes person who keeps things in place, and handles the financial end of our operation. Always upbeat and a positive influence on us all, she oversees payroll, accounts and just about anything that comes her way for both The Sanford and Tampa locations.

  • Lisa Mastro
    Dealer Principal
    Lisa Mastro

    Lisa Mastro works along side Pete and Stephen behind the scenes in the administration side of the business. She handles our human resources and other areas that keep things working smoothly.

  • Sean
    Finance and Business Manager

    Sean is our sales manager and has been with the Mastro family for 18 years! If you are a Gators fan, you will get extra special treatment.

  • Marie
  • Accounting and title manager

    Marie handles all of our accounting and DMV work, as well as day to day office operations.

  • Mike

    Mike is a New Hampshire transplant. He got tired of shoveling and figured out that we are down here in Florida for a good reason. He's thawing out and having a great time here. You can't help being happy with Mike around, he's always got a smile.

  • Bill
    Internet coordinator and sales

    Bill has been with the company for 13 years. He has helped develop our online presence and performance parts business. He takes care of our internet sites and inventory, as well as online sales such as Ebay, export sales and other internet markets.

  • Kenny
    Showroom assistant

    Kenny is our young showroom assistant, and helps us with rear visibility tests, especially on the new 2009 Forester, with one of the best rear window ratings in the industry! Kenny has only been with us for about a year and is very quiet, but a good listener.

  • Will
    Service manager

    Will started at Mastro Subaru as a customer. He's owned loads of Subarus and knows them well. He also runs the Mastro rally car. He has great experience with all things Subaru!

  • Ray
    Service Advisor

    Ray is our Long Island transplant and is a Subaru guy all the way through. He'll help you to get the best service from your Subaru or any other make of car. We work on them all! 

  • Joe

    Joe is our retail and wholesale parts manager and has been with the company for over 30 years.

  • Manny
    Performance parts

    Manny and his wife are both Mastro customers and Subaru owners too! Manny handles all of our Subaru performance parts line and has service experience as well.



  • Senior Master Tech

    Gene is one of our Subaru Senior Master Techs. With the company for over 20 years, he has the advantage of training and experience to get the issues with your car sorted out quickly and the first time. The Mastro Advantage!

    Gene is a specialist in transmission and transaxle repair. He has nearly 40 years experience with brands such as Porsche, VW, Audi, BMW and Alfa Romeo.

    Subaru Master Certified Tech
    ASE Master Tech
    BMW Master Tech

  • Jeff
    Senior Master Tech

    Jeff is our guru with diagnostics. He is a Subaru Senior Master Technician, and was just named one of Subaru's top 5 technicians in a nationwide competition. 

    Transplanted from Virginia, Jeff works together with Subaru to resolve unique "one off" issues and helps put solutions in place for dealers nationwide. A specialist with finding those "the other dealer can't find it" problems and solving them quickly, Jeff is a real asset to Mastro Subaru and our customers. Skilled repair service is what separates Mastro Subaru from the others.

    Subaru Senior Master Tech
    ASE Certified, 31 consecutive years
    ASE Advanced Performance Specialist
    Yamaha Certified Tech
    Mercury Certified Tech
    ZF Transmission Specialist
    Subaru Certified Technician